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year 2011
author(s) Christian Vrančić, Anna Fomichova, Norbert Gretz, Carina Herrmann, Sabine Hoecker, Annemarie Pucci & Wolfgang Petrich
title Continuous glucose monitoring by means of mid-infrared transmission laser spectroscopy in vitro
KIP-Nummer HD-KIP 11-08
KIP-Gruppe(n) F23
document type Paper
Keywords (shown) mid-infrared transmission spectroscopy, continuous glucose monitoring, fiber spectroscopy
source Analyst 136, 1192 - 1198 (2011)
Abstract (en)

The continuous surveillance of glucose concentration reduces short-term risks and long-term complications for people with diabetes mellitus, a disorder of glucose metabolism. As a first step towards the continuous monitoring of glucose, reagent-free transmission spectroscopy in the mid-infrared region has been carried out in vitro using a quantum cascade laser and an optical silver halide fiber. A 30 μm gap in the fiber allowed for transmission spectroscopy of aqueous glucose solutions at a wavelength of 9.69 μm, which is specific to a molecular vibration of glucose. A noise-equivalent concentration as low as 4 mg/dL was achieved at an average power of 1.8 mW and an integration time of 50 s. This is among the most precise of glucose measurements using mid-infrared spectroscopy. Even with the very low average laser power of 0.07 mW the sensitivity of previous results (using a fiber optical evanescent field analysis) has been improved upon by almost one order of magnitude. Finally, the impact of potentially interfering substances such as other carbohydrates was analyzed.

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  journal  = {Analyst},
  volume   = {136},
  year     = {2011},
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