Master thesis

Multi-Compartment Neuron Emulation
Karlheinz Meier, Johannes Schemmel
Verification of RTL Code for a Mixed-Signal Neuromorphic Chip
Karlheinz Meier, Andreas Grübl, Johannes Schemmel
Master thesis projects in neuromorphic systems
Johannes Schemmel
Closed-loop experiments on the BrainScaleS Machine
Johannes Schemmel
Master Thesis in the Electronic Visions(s) Group at the Kirchhoff-Institute for Physics in the area of neuromorphic computing
Johannes Schemmel, Björn Kindler
Natural gradient descent for spiking neuromorphic systems
Mihai Petrovici
Error backpropagation in neuromorphic spiking networks
Mihai Petrovici
Neuromorphic implementation of a two-component synaptic learning rule for preventing catastrophic forgetting
Mihai Petrovici