Classic Complex Systems

Goals are development and operation of electronic system models for understanding the principles of information processing in the brain, such as the development of novel sensors for use in medical diagnostics.

Quantum Systems

Focus is the dynamics of complex quantum systems. The research ranges from the physics of ultracold quantum gases, surface and nano physics to solid state physics at ultralow temperatures.

Fundamental particles and interactions

Physical models in particle physics will be tested by experiments at particle accelerators. The KIP is involved in several large international collaborations. In addition, novel detectors are developed here.

Recent Publications
  • The Yin-Yang dataset

    Laura Kriener and Julian Göltz and Mihai A. Petrovici,
  • Visualizing a joint futur...

    Friedemann Zenke and Sander M. Bohté and Claudia Clopath and Iulia M. Comşa and Julian Göltz and Wolfgang Maass and Timothée Masquelier and Richard Naud and Emre O. Neftci and Mihai A. Petrovici and Franz Scherr and Dan F.M. Goodman, Neuron 109 (2021) 571-575