Cryocourse 2012

CRYOCOURSE is the European intensive course on advanced Cryophysics and Cryogenics, the science and technology of Low Temperatures. Since 2002, 10 events (Courses and Conferences) have been held, gathering about 450 young researchers from the European Union, but also from non-EU countries.

From September 2 nd. (afternoon) to September 13 th. (afternoon), 2012 about 35 students, mainly PhD and Post-docs from European universities, research centres and industry, will gather in the Heidelberg area in Germany. The theoretical and practical (“hands-on”) courses will cover the main topics of Cryogenics, from the fundamental physics concepts to the industrial applications. Courses are given in English. Group discussions in several European languages are encouraged, when possible.


The participants’ selection procedure will take into account the quality of the candidate’s application and his/her need for a specific training in Cryogenics, as well as more general criteria as gender, age and nationality balance. Students may be eligible for total or partial financial support. The participants MUST be present for the whole duration of the course.

Prof. Dr. Christian Enss