Cryocourse 2012


The Cryocourse will consist of two parts: The first week ther will be lectures, covering low temperature physcis and cryogenic techniques,  The lectures will be held by experts in those fields. The second part of the Cryocourse will be hands on partical training at the Kirchhoff-Institute for Physics, in small groups.


Time Monday Tuesday Wedesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
8:00 Breakfast


Heat Capacity Superfluid Helium Tunneling Spectroscopy II Thermometry I Thermometry II Packing and Transfer to Heidelberg
   Alfons de Waele Juha Touriniemi Alfons de Waele Jose G. Rodrigo Christian Enss Juha Touriniemi
10:30 Coffee
11:00 Thermodynamics II Heat Transfer Superconductors I Cryocoolers SQUIDs Dilution Refigerators I
  Alfons de Waele Christian Enss Rüdiger Klingeler Alfons de Waele Andreas Fleischmann Christian Enss
12:30 Lunch Excursion Lunch Free Time
14:00 Cryo Liquids Disordered Systems Superconductors II Cryogenic Detectors Demagnetisation Cryostats I
  Andreas Reiser Christian Enss Rüdiger Klingeler Andreas Fleischmann Juha Touriniemi
15:30 Coffee Coffee
16:00 Vacuum Quantum Phase Transitions Tunneling Spectroscopy I Microwave Techniques Demagnetisation Cryostats II
  Andreas Reiser Hilbert v. Löhneysen Jose G. Rodrigo Sebastian Kempf Juha Touriniemi
17:30 Free Time/Discussions Free Time/Discussions
19:00 Dinner
Prof. Dr. Christian Enss