Jupyter Server of the Department for Physics and Astronomy

Three jupyter servers are operated in the Faculty of Physics and Astronomy, which can be used by staff and students:

Any account that allows login on the CIP pool servers should also be able to login on the jupyter servers.

If there are problems logging in, you should first check your account:


If there are any questions or suggestions concerning the jupyter servers, please write to


Status / Downtime

Status: All servers available

no planned downtime

  • There is currently a problem with new Accounts. If the first login in jupyter.kip is not working, please try a login on jupyter2.kip or jupyter3.kip. After that, a login on jupyter.kip should work, too.  solved

Current Usage


20.9.2021 / jupyter.kip
replaced a broken harddisk. The hard disk showed very slow io rates and caused long delays at jupyter.
03.2023 / jupyter3.kip
Another jupyter server is available


  • Der Export von Python-Notebooks (.ipynb-Dateien) als pdf/Latex- Dokument funktioniert seit einiger Zeit nicht mehr
    ja, das funktioniert nicht korrekt.
    Ein Workaround:
    - new Launcher -> Terminal
    in das betreffende Verzeichnis wechseln und
    jupyter nbconvert datename.ipynb --to pdf
    jupyter nbconvert datename.ipynb --to latex
    Danach liegen die entsprechenden Dateien vor und können heruntergeladen werden.