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Jena has excellent traffic infrastructure. Having started as an economic centre at the crossroads of the big north-south and east-west railway and motorway mainlines, today more than ever the city is an important intersection point. So there are numerous ways of getting to Jena, including road, rail and air.


Near Jena the A4 motorway (Dresden-Eisenach-Frankfurt/M.) crosses the A9 motorway (Rostock-Munich). Within the city, there are two connections to the A4 motorway: the motorway junctions Jena-Lobeda and Jena-Göschwitz.
The direct connection to the A9 motorway can be reached via the nearby Hermsdorfer Kreuz intersection


Business travellers, club pilots and tourists can use the Jena-Schöngleina Airport near Jena. The next passenger airports are in Erfurt and Leipzig/Halle.

- Leipzig - 90 km
- Altenburg-Nobitz - 80 km
- Erfurt-Bindersleben - 50 km
- Jena-Schöngleina Airport - 15 km
Business flights, Tel. +49 36428 40669


Via railway Jena is connected to all European major cities and capitals. The Intercity train Munich-Berlin and the regional train Chemnitz-Kassel-Dortmund-Aachen both stop in Jena.

- ICE (Intercity express) connection Hamburg–Berlin–Munich
Jena-Paradies railway station
- Regional rail transport Dresden-Erfurt-Frankfurt
Railway station Jena West
Deutsche Bahn (German rail) travel service: Tel. 11861

For further information contact:
DFG SPP 1128