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Deadline for abstracts: July 15th, 2009
Authors are permitted to submit an unrestricted number of abstracts.
There is no limit imposed on co-authorship.
Authors must register first in order to submit an abstract and to have their abstract included in the
proceedings book.
  Abstracts must be submitted as electronic files (Word or RTF) and the file be named by the
Format for Abstracts
Font Arial
Text width   14 cm, center horizontally
Text height   24 cm, start 3 cm from top of page
Text length   1 page, single space throughout. Separate the following items by an empty line:
Title   12 point, bold, align left. Only the first letter of the title should be capitalized.
Authors   12 point, italics, align left. Use initials for first and middle names and commas to separate authors. Underline presenting author.
Address   12 point, italics, align left. Do not use abbreviations and give complete postal address.
Text body   12 point, justify. Number references by superscripts.
  References   11 point, align left. Provide full author list.
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