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International Symposium - Analysis of Biomolecular Machines in the  Nanometer Range
September 20 th - 23 th, 2009
Rosensäle, Jena, Germany

Stephan Diekmann (Jena)
Christoph Cremer (Heidelberg)

Symposium Outline
The aim of the meeting is to discuss in an internationally visible forum, novel developments and applications of optical analyses of biological nanostructures in the cellular context  (e.g. cell membranes, cytoplasmatic structures, chromatin domains, transcription and replication factories). The emphasis will be on joining methodological developments with biological  applications within each and every sesseion. Wherever possible, computer simulations and kinetic modelling will be included. Since the focus of the sympsoium will be on the optical analysis of biomoleuclar machines in the cell, we intend to cover spatial and temporal dimensions beyond the "nanoscale"

Topics of sessions / workshops: Confirmed speakers:
Microscopic imaging at the one nanometer scale
Light microscopy from the nanometer to the micrometer scale
Light microscopy from the micrometer to the millimeter scale
Dynamic analysis in vivo by light microscopy
Correlation of Light Microscopy and Kinetic Modeling
Workshops on Molecular Labelling and on
Novel Perspectives in Microscopy
David Bazett-Jones, Toronto
Pete Carlton, San Francisco
Roel van Driel
Daniel Gerlich, Zürich
Enrico Gratton, Urbana
Don Lamb, München
Jenniffer Lippincott-Schwartz, Bethesda
James McNally, Bethesda


Symposium 2009 Poster

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