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Poster abstracts are listed alphabetically by presenting author.

Postersize: DIN A0, 841 mm x 1189 mm or 33,1 inch x 46,8 inch


M. Berndt, C. Gell, J . Enderlein, S. Diez

            TIRF microscopy evanescent field calibration using tilted fluorescent microtubules

 Gerrit Best

Multicolor Super-resolution SW-TIRF Microscope

Alexander Brunner, Alexander Urich, Roman Amberger, Christoph Cremer

            How to turn an old confocal microscope into a super resolution nanoscope

D. Baddeley, V. Chagin, L. Schermelleh, S. Martin, A. Pombo, A. Gahl, P. Domaing, U. Birk, H. Leonhardt, C. Cremer and M. C. Cardoso

            Measurement of replication structures at the nanometer scale using advanced optical microscopy

M. Chen, I. Larson, and A. von Mikecz

            Uptake of nanoparticles into epithelial and neuronal cells

V. Döring, C. Hoischen, and S. Diekmann

            In vivo analysis of the mitotic checkpoint complex (MCC)

Shlomo Tsuriel, Nina Wittenmayer, Noam E. Ziv and Thomas Dresbach

            Dynamics of the active zone cytomatrix protein Bassoon: Slow turnover and regulation by Neuroligins are indicative of key roles in active zone stabilization and maturation

Günther Gerisch, Till Bretschneider, Mary Ecke, Stefan Diez, Britta-Schroth-Diez, Silke Gerwig, Margaret Clarke, and Ulrike Engel

         Self-organizing actin wave patterns mimic the structure of phagocytic cups

Silke Gerwig, Britta Schroth-Diez, Mary Ecke, Günther Gerisch and Stefan Diez

            High-Frequency Imaging of MyoB Dynamics in D. Discoideum

 S. Gneuß, C. Wotzlaw , U. Berchner-Pfannschmidt, J. Fandrey

            Analysis of the interaction between the hypoxia-inducible factor 1α and the prolyl hydroxylase 1 by means of fluorescence resonance energy transfer

Manuel Gunkel, Fabian Erdel, Karsten Rippe, Paul Lemmer, Rainer Kaufmann, Christoph Hörmann, Roman Amberger, Christoph Cremer

            Dual Color Localization Microscopy of Cellular Nanostructures

Daniela Hellwig, Sandra Orthaus, Steffi Weidtkamp-Peters, Christian Hoischen, Peter Hemmerich & Stephan Diekmann

            Quantitative imaging of core kinetochore and NAC protein assembly in living human cells

Hoischen, C., Miess, E., Hofmeister, A., Jung, J., and Diekmann, S.

            The kinetochor protein CENP-W: localization, dynamics and neighbourhood relations

A. Katranidis, R. Schlesinger, K.H. Nierhaus, I. Gregor, M. Gerrits, G. Büldt, and J. Fitter

            Fast biosynthesis of GFP molecules – a single molecule fluorescence study 

Rainer Kaufmann

            Simulations on Localization Microscopy for differently labelled Regions 

K. Klement, T. Lenser, and P. Hemmerich

Isoform-specific chromatin binding of heterochromatin protein-1 in living cells

Jasmin Speil, David Grünwald, Robert M. Martin, Volker Buschmann, David P. Bazett-Jones, Heinrich Leonhardt, M. Cristina Cardoso and Ulrich Kubitscheck

            Protein Distribution and Dynamics in Nuclear Compartments

Andreas Veenendaal, Ulrike Schmitz-Ziffels, Jasmin Speil, Jörg Ritter, Jan Peter Siebrasse and Ulrich Kubitscheck

            Nuclear import and export in living cells examined one molecule at a time

S. Lepper, A. Sartori, M. Cyrklaff, F. Frischknecht

            Short Actin Filaments for Fast Movement

T. Lang

            Molecular Mechanisms of SNARE-Patterning

R. Fernández-Busnadiego , W. Baumeister, V. Lučić

            Structural basis of synaptic vesicle organization and release revealed by  cryo-electron tomography

 N. Neuberth M. Herrmann, J. Wissler, J. Pérez D. Gradl and A. Naber

            Observation of single transport events through single pore complexes of the nuclear envelope by means of near-field optical microscopy

 Thomas Ruckelshausen

SPDM – Single Molecule Super-resolution of Receptor Clusters in E. coli Bacteria

 A. Scharf and A. von Mikecz

            Where to dispose the proteins in transcription?

 K. Schneider, A. Dobay, A. Rottach, H. Leonhardt, L. Schermelleh

            Analysis of cell cycle dependent dynamics of Dnmt1 by FRAP and kinetic modeling

 G. Schwanitz, P. Brand and P. Hemmerich

            Studying PML nuclear body assembly by light microscopy

 Stäglich, M., Hoischen, C., Döring, V., Diekmann, S.

            Localization and dynamics of BubR1 subdomains, the central regulator of mitotic progression

T. Ulbricht, A. Kießlich, A. von Mikecz, A. Pombo, and P. Hemmerich

The role of PML nuclear bodies in the regulation of MHC class II gene expression

 Weber C, Hoischen C, Diekmann S

            Analysis of the three-dimensional structure of the nucleosome associated kinetochore complex

 C. Westendorf, H.C. Ishikawa-Ankerhold, E. Bodenschatz, G. Gerisch, C. Beta

            Dictyostelium discoideum cytoskeletal dynamics in response to high-resolution temporal stimuli

 T. Wolf , F. Dolde, H. Rathgen, G. Balasubramanian, F. Jelezko, J. Wrachtrup

            Atomic-scale magnetometry using single defects in diamond for superresolution microscopy


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