For those interested in detector physics, we would like to cordially invite you all to our first workshop on

                 11-12  DECEMBER 2017                

organised by the HighRR. Excellent speakers from many different experiments have been invited to give inside into recent advanceson the development of novel detectors for high energy physics, neutrino physics, dark matter searches as well as new experiments testing the symmetries in nature.
Don't miss this opportunity.

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Fred Jendrzejewski Heads New Emmy Noether Junior Research Group

Heidelberg Quantum Physicist Heads New Emmy Noether Junior Research Group
The research team is using ultracold atomic gases to study quantum effects in complex systems
A new Emmy Noether junior research group has taken up its work investigating model systems for magnetic materials at the Kirchhoff Institute for Physics at Heidelberg University. The team under the direction of Junior Professor Dr Fred Jendrzejewski is using experiments with ultracold gases. Over the next five years, the group of quantum physicists will receive funding from the German Research Foundation (DFG) totalling approximately 1.5 million euros. The group is an extension of Prof. Jendrzejewski's existing "Complex Quantum Matter" research group.

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