Biophotonics I (WS 2017/18)


The lecture will cover the interaction of light with tissue including application examples such as artificial human vision or optical coherence tomography


1. Imaging Systems


• human vision

• microscopy


2. Light Scattering


• Mie scattering

• light propagation in tissue


While the lecture focuses on the aspects of physics, supplementary information on some fundamental concepts in biology, medicine and biochemistry will be given in order to aid the understanding of this interdisciplinary and vivid field of research. Basic knowledge in classical optics (refraction, diffraction, etc.) and electrodynamics (Maxwell equations, electromagnetic waves, etc.) is necessary. Additional knowledge in atomic and molecular physics as well as quantum mechanics is helpful, but not strictly necessary for Biophotonics I.


Please register until December 31st 2017 by using the following link: registration.

The date of the exam will be announced soon.





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