Continuous, reagent-free measurement of glucose (KORG)

Because of the risk of urgent health damage as well as long term consequences as diabetic retinopathy or diabetic foot syndrome, it is essential for diabetics to permanently control their blood sugar concentration.
The project KORG investigates in a reagent-free, continuous glucose monitoring method in subcutaneous tissue.

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Quantum cascade laser-based infrared microscopy

Due to the development of quantum cascade lasers (QCL) in the recent decades it is possible to achieve substantial progress towards reagent-free, molecularly sensitive microscopy.
We -for the first time- developed a QCL based microscope and achieved a reduction of measurement time up to 5 minutes in comparison to hours and days that are needed with comparable common methods like FTIR-Microspectroscopy.
Furthermore the measurement time per area was reduced by 3 orders of magnitude without losing lateral resolution.

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Sensitive anti-stokes Raman spectroscopy and microscopy

Traditional molecular in-vitro imaging is based on tissue staining with exogenous fluorophores. Because the effects of staining can change the morphology of the tissue, the need for an unstained method is essential.
The spectroscopy of molecular vibrations in biological tissue is a method that is not dependent on staining. In this project we study Raman spectroscopy on biological samples.

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