This summer semester, our experimental colleague Fred Jendrzejewski and I are giving the lecture

Running a quantum computer: Theory and Experiment

In this lecture, we will discuss concepts of quantum-information theory and present experimental Platforms. By implementing and critically evaluating these concepts (directly in cloud quantum computers!) in practical exercises, we will understand functioning, possibilities, and limitations of state-of-the-art quantum computers.

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In the summer semester 2018 and winter semester 2018/19, I was responsible for organizing the CQD colloquia.

In the summer semester 2017, Markus Oberthaler and I jointly held the Master Seminar Quantum Entanglement -- Theory and Experiments.

During my time in Innsbruck, I gave the lecture Theory of Cold Atoms, a seminar on Quantum Optics, as well as exercise classes on Classical Mechanics and Mathematical Methods of Physics.

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