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PhD position in quantum information processing with ultracold atomic mixtures

Over the last decades ultracold atoms have become a fruitful experimental platform for precise tests of non-trivial many-body problems. In our project, we would like to extent the experimental capabilities to process quantum information and develop algorithms for its utilization in the context of data science and quantum machine learning. On the one hand, this will push ultracold atoms closer to the capabilities of established platforms like trapped ions or superconducting qubits. Namely, we will investigate computing capabilities of atomic mixtures based on the unique versatility of the platform. On the other hand, it should enable the usage of ultracold atoms for applications in the data and information processing domain

The applicant should have curiosity and show commitment as well as independence. Experience in the experimental techniques of ultracold atoms, data science and machine learning are an advantage, but not absolutely essential. If interested, please contact Fred Jendrzejewski per email (

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Fred Jendrzejewski