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Virtual SiPM Laboratory

The Virtual SiPM Laboratory (VSL) is a shared research project from four German Institutes: DESY Hamburg, KIP Heidelberg, MPI Munich, RWTH Aachen and PI Wuppertal. It is funded by the Helmholtz Alliance 'Physics at the Terascale'. The goal is to share and use existing experience in detector development to explore applications of SiPMs in high energy physics projects. This novel technology is a modern alternative to the established photo tubes. In the VSL, an infrastructure is provided for a complete characterization of these devices. This will be done both for standalone SiPMs as well as in combination with detector materials like crystals, plastic szintillators and materials emitting Cherenkov light.

Additionally, a mobile setup is developed which can be used as training platform for students. This part of the project is designed as a lab exercise for bachelor and master students, but can also be used by PhD students, thus allowing a broad usage on different levels of knowledge and experience.

The detector R&D group at KIP is responsible for the development of a readout chip for signals from SiPMs. The requirements aim for applications in high energy physics, including low power consumption, low noise level, high SNR, a large dynamic range and a ultrafast timing resolution.

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