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PicoSEC-MCNet (Pico-second Silicon photomultiplier-Electronics & Crystal research Marie-Curie-Network) is a Initial Training Network funded by the European Union. Aim of the project is R&D on ultrafast photo detection and its application in the fields of High Energy Physics and Medical Imaging.

A large number of detector techniques, developed for and used in particle physics experiments, has been transferred successfully to other fields like medicine, X-ray imaging, materilas research, astrophysics and others. Such spin-offs are the goal of this program.

The special properties of SiPMs are well suited for the application in high energy physics calorimetry. They are compact, insensitive against influences from external magnetic fields and provide a high gain. Together with the high timing resolution, this makes them also attractive for applications in medical imaging, like positron emission tomography. The TOF information help to increase the sensitivity by improving the coincidence discrimination, with direct consequences for patients and physicians.

For both applications many developments can be shared within the scope of this project. The detector R&D group at KIP partakes in the development of readout electronics and prototyping building both for calorimetry in future particle physics experiments and PET applications for medical imaging.

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