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year 2023
author(s) Rohit Prasad Bhatt, Jan Kilinc, Lilo Höcker, Fred Jendrzejewski
title Stochastic dynamics of a few sodium atoms in a cold potassium cloud
KIP-Nummer HD-KIP 23-24
KIP-Gruppe(n) F17,F33
document type Paper
source SCIENTIFIC REPORTS, Vol.12, 2422 (2022)
Abstract (en)

Single particle resolution is a requirement for numerous experimental protocols that emulate the dynamics of small systems in a bath. Here, we accurately resolve through atom counting the stochastic dynamics of a few sodium atoms in presence of a cold potassium cloud. This capability enables us to rule out the effect of inter-species interaction on sodium atom number dynamics, at very low atomic densities present in these experiments. We study the noise sources for sodium and potassium in a common framework. Thereby, we assign the detection limits to 4.3 atoms for potassium and 0.2 atoms (corresponding to 96% fidelity) for sodium. This opens possibilities for future experiments with a few atoms immersed in a quantum degenerate gas.

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