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year 2018
author(s) Jan Thorben Schneider
title Prospects of Lattice Improvements in Quantum Simulations
KIP-Nummer HD-KIP 18-134
KIP-Gruppe(n) F29
document type Masterarbeit
Abstract (en)

Quantum simulators may be utilised to solve the hitherto intractable problem of simulating lattice gauge theories in regimes where simulations on classical computers are challenging. Current experimental state-of-the-art realisations, however, incorporate only view qubits thus seriously hindering a faithful simulation of lattice gauge theories. While being restricted in system size we employ lattice improvements to facilitate an accurate description of the continuum theory. We choose 1 + 1d  quantum electrodynamics to quantify improving only with higher derivatives by benchmarking to the non-perturbative particle production rate in the Schwinger mechanism. Numerical simulations proceed with classical-statistical as well as exact diagonalisation methods. The latter offers an accessible route to the strong coupling regime of QED where we can confirm the particle production rate to grow. The former reveals including only higher derivatives in the improvement programme does not yield significant alleviation in need for larger system sizes.

  author   = {Jan Thorben Schneider},
  title    = {Prospects of Lattice Improvements in Quantum Simulations},
  school   = {Universit├Ąt Heidelberg},
  year     = {2018},
  type     = {Masterarbeit}
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