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year 2011
author(s) C. Gross, J. Estève, M.K. Oberthaler, A.D. Martin and J. Ruostekoski
title Local and spatially extended sub-Poisson atom-number fluctuations in optical lattices
KIP-Nummer HD-KIP 11-67
KIP-Gruppe(n) F20
document type Paper
Keywords (shown) sub-Poisson atom-number fluctuations, ultracold atoms
source PHYSICAL REVIEW A, arXiv:1008.4603
Abstract (en)

We demonstrate that ultracold interacting bosonic atoms in an optical lattice with large on-site population show sub-Poisson on-site and intersite atom-number fluctuations. The experimental observations agree with  numerical predictions of the truncated Wigner approximation. The correlations persist in the presence of multimode atom dynamics and even over large spatially extended samples involving several sites.

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