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year 2010
author(s) J. Welte, F. Ritterbusch, I. Steinke, M. Henrich, W. Aeschbach-Hertig and M. K. Oberthaler
title Towards the realization of atom trap trace analysis for 39Ar
KIP-Nummer HD-KIP 10-19
KIP-Gruppe(n) F17,F22
document type Paper
Keywords (shown) atom trap trace, 39Ar, laser cooling, metastable argon atoms, magneto-optical trap
source New Journal of Physics, Volume 12
doi 10.1088/1367-2630/12/6/065031
Abstract (en)

We present our study of the realization of atom trap trace analysis for 39Ar, an ultra-sensitive detection method for rare isotopes based on laser cooling. We report on the experimental determination of the hyperfine spectrum of the relevant cooling transition. A high-intensity, optically collimated beam of metastable argon atoms has been set up, and fluorescence detection of single 40Ar atoms ina magneto-optical trap is realized. The deduced efficiencies of each stage lead to an expected 39Ar count rate of six atoms per hour in the final setup.



URL New J. Phys. 12, 065031
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