Eric Müller


Eric Müller received his PhD in physics from Heidelberg University in 2014. He works on the interaction between physical and conventional computing systems to transform experimental machines into research platforms for beyond-von-Neumann computing. His research interests include scalable computing, closed-loop information processing, and novel computing paradigms.

Since joining the Electronic Vision(s) group (Kirchhoff-Institute for Physics, Heidelberg University) in 2007, he has been working with accelerated neuromorphic hardware architectures. In 2021 he joined EINC (Heidelberg University) where electronic, photonic and atomic systems of physical computing are brought together.

He is the architect of the BrainScaleS software ecosystem and leads BrainScaleS software development. On the quest to establish BrainScaleS as a discovery machine for neuromorphic algorithm research, his main research theme is centered around neuromorphic modeling concepts, but he also introduced research software engineering techniques for sustainable system development, and worked on platform reliability, reproducibility, and system integration in federated computing resource environments.


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