Eric Müller

…leads the Software Division @ Electronic Vision(s)

  • …embrace robust and modern software development techniques,
  • …cover a wide range of abstraction levels (from scientific Python via modern C++ down to real-time and embedded programming),
  • …work with cutting-edge COTS and custom-built hardware devices.


Eric Müller is a researcher working at the interface between computational neuroscience, computer science and electrical engineering at the Kirchhoff-Institute for Physics, Universität Heidelberg.

His research interests concern large-scale and future computing. In particular, the interoperation of large-scale accelerated neuromorphic systems and conventional von-Neumann systems are his central research theme.

He has almost 10 years of experience as both, software architect and programmer, in the fields of embedded, real-time, parallel, distributed and system-level software development. In the past years, he started to introduce modern software development and testing techniques in his working environment. Lately, he also encourages its use in the fields of hardware development as well as hardware testing.

His current work focuses on the commissioning of the BrainScaleS neuromorphic system. In particular, he leads the software development team which contributes to the transition of the large-scale neuromorphic installation from a lab-based system to a productive neuroscientific modeling platform.


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