Eric Müller

…leads the Software Division @ Electronic Vision(s)


Eric Müller is a researcher working at the interface between computational neuroscience, computer science and electrical engineering at the Kirchhoff-Institute for Physics, Universität Heidelberg.

His research interests concern large-scale and future computing and, in particular, the interoperation of large-scale accelerated neuromorphic systems and conventional von-Neumann systems are his central research theme.

He has more than 13 years of experience in the field of neuromorphic hardware and computational neuroscience. He is the lead developer and architect of the BrainScaleS operating system.

In his endeavour to establish neuromorphic hardware as a research platform, he introduced modern software development and operation methodologies in his working environment and beyond. Based on his experiences with external researchers, long-term operation and development of neuromorphic hardware he considers reproducible and sustainable science to be key aspects of his work.


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