Seminar - Signal or no Signal? 2-3 Sigma Effects in Particle Physics






Dr. Oleg Brandt
Priv. Doz. Dr. Monica Dunford 
Prof. Dr. H.-C. Schultz-Coulon

Location: KIP, INF 227, SR 3.402
Mondays, 16:15 am - 18:00 pm

Introduction: Monday, April 20th, 16:15 
First Seminar: Monday, April 27th, 16:15 


The distribution of topics will be done at the first meeting on Monday, April 20th, 16:15.
Early registration is possible. Please contact O. Brandt, M. Dunford and H.-C. Schultz-Coulon if you are interested in a specific topic or date.

Today, the field of particle physics is in a fever pitch to discover new particles or phenomena. Traditionally, an experimental significance of five standard deviations (sigma) is needed to claim the "discovery" or "observation" of something new, while an experimental significance of three sigma is considered an "evidence", i.e., a first hint of a new effect to be confirmed. Such first potential hints of new phenomena, with experimental significances of 2-3 sigma, often cause great discussion. This seminar will focus on some of these 2-3 sigma results and ask the question, signal or no signal?





Possible topics:

  1. Anomaly in leptons, jets and missing energy at ATLAS and CMS
  2. The muon g-2 anomaly
  3. The reactor antineutrino anomaly
  4. An excess of positrons at Pamela+AMS, e+ and e- spectra
  5. Excess in WW production at ATLAS
  6. The LSND debate
  7. Dark matter "discovery" at CRESST
  8. CMS measurement of BR(h→τμ) = (0.89±0.39)%
  9. Excess in B0→K*μμ, anomalous ratio of (B0→Kμμ)/(B0→Kee)
  10. The proton radius puzzle
Additional topics:
  1. Time-modulated dark matter signal and DAMA
  2. The NuTev anomaly and sin2Θw
  3. Forward/Backward top production symmetry at the Tevatron
  4. Bd to Kμμ production at the LHCb
  5. The Ωb "observation" at D0
  6. "Ghost muons" at CDF
  7. HERA excess at high momentum transfer Q2 and high x
  8. Dijet resonance peak at the Tevatron
  9. Pentaquarks - discovered?
  10. Discrepancy between direct and indirect measuremnets of Vub
  11. Excess in Bs→φμμ
Dates 20.04.10:     Introduction & Preliminary Discussion [O.Brandt/M.Dunford/H.C.Schultz-Coulon] 
27.04.10:     10 hints on how to give a good presentation [Monica Dunford]
04.05.10:     no seminar
11.05.10:     no seminar
18.05.10:     Excess in WW production at ATLAS [Kevin Max]
25.05.10:     Holiday, No class
01.06.10:     CMS measurement of BR(h→τμ) = (0.89±0.39)% [Bastian Bernarding]
08.06.10:    The LSND debate [Florian Reiß]
15.06.10:    An excess of positrons at Pamela+AMS, e+ and e- spectra [Sebastian Weber] 
22.06.10:     Excess in B0→K*μμ, anomalous ratio of (B0→Kμμ)/(B0→Kee) [Philipp Kühnl] 
29.06.10:     no seminar
06.07.10:     Dark matter "discovery" at CRESST [Sotirios Nikas] 
13.07.10:     no seminar
The speakers should keep in mind to send around a written paper-style report of at most 10 pages within 4 weeks of the presentation.