Seminar — Precision Experiments in Particle Physics



Prof. U. Uwer
Prof. H.-C. Schultz-Coulon

Location: Albert-Ueberle-Str. 3-5; SR I
Tuesdays, 9:15 am - 11:00 pm

Introduction: Tuesday, April 13th, 9:00 am c.t.
First Seminar: Tuesday, April 20th, 9:00 am c.t.

Reading Material
The distribution of topics will be done at the first meeting on Tuesday, April 13th, 9 am c.t.
Early registration is possible. Please contact U. Uwer and H.-C. Schultz-Coulon if you are interested in a specific topic or date.

Precision experiments in atomic, nuclear and particle physics allow indirect tests of the so called Standard Model (SM) which describes the building blocks of matter and their interaction. Such experiments are sensitive to effects far beyond the energy scale at which they take place and do thus test possible new physics scenarios at scales not reachable at present colliders. In this seminar some of the most important precision experiments are presented and discussed.

Dates tentative; to be distributed ...

13.04.10:     Introduction & Preliminary Discussion [U.Uwer/H.C.Schultz-Coulon] 
20.04.10:     Kurzreferate [Participants] 
27.04.10:     Electron g-2 [...] 
04.05.10:     Muon g-2 [...] 
11.05.10:     The Hadronic Contribution to (g-2)μ [...] 
18.05.10:     Measuring the Neutron EDM [...] 
25.05.10:     Bs-Quark Oscillations at CDF [...] 
01.06.10:     Measurement of sin(θW) at Low Energies [...] 
08.06.10:     Measurement of Direct CP-Violation @ NA48 [...] 
15.06.10:     CP-Violation in the B-System [...] 
22.06.10:     Measurement of Neutrino Masses [...] 
29.06.10:     Search for Lepton Flavour Violation in Muon Decays [...] 
06.07.10:     Kl3 Decays @ KLOE [...] 
13.07.10:     Test of Special Relativity with Ions [...] 
20.07.10:     Antihydrogen Spectroscopy - Testing the CPT Theorem [...] 
27.07.10:     Search for extra Dimensions and the Fifth Force [...] 

Further possible/alternative topics:
- PERKEO and the Measurement of Vud
- Measurement of the W-mass
- Hadronic contribution to (g-2)
- PERKEO and measurement of Vud
- Messung von sin(theta_W)
- Neutron Lebensdauer
- ...