Journal Club: The Physics of Quarks


The Physics of Quarks
Journal Club

Prof. K. Meier
Prof. H.-C. Schultz-Coulon

INF 227, SB 1.107
Fridays, 11:30 am - 1:00 pm

First Lecture: Oct 17th, 11:30 am
Preliminary Discussion: Monday, Oct 13th, 11 am

Reading Material
The course is organized as a Journal Club where on the basis of various publications the physics of quarks is dicussed. Every article will be introduced by a short overview on the paper to be discussed. The course is primarily intended for graduate students in experimental and theoretical particle physics, but diploma students with a good background in particle physics are also very welcome.

17.10.08:     Meson Spectroscopy and Glueballs [K.Meier]
24.10.08:     First Observation of the Top Quark [F.Müller, A.Tadday]
31.10.08:     The Structure of the Proton [T.Dietzsch, V.Scharf]
07.11.08:     First Evidence for Jet Production [T.Dietzsch, V.Scharf]
14.11.08:     Hadronization of Quarks [F.Müller, A.Tadday]
21.11.08:     Determination of the CKM-Matrix Elements: Vud [M.Schiller, G.Heuermann]
28.11.08:     B-Quark Oszillations [E.Hennekemper,V.Andrei]
05.12.08:     Signatures of Quark Gluon Plasma [P.Seidler, M.Schiller]
12.12.08:     Searching for Excited Quarks [F.Rühr, M.Henke]
19.12.08:     CDF Multi Muon Events [K.Meier]
09.01.09:     The Determination of Colour Factors [M.Papandopoulou, S.Poddar]
16.01.09:     R-Hadrons and their Signatures [E. Hennekemper, M.Henke]
22.01.09:     The Hadronic contribution to (g-2)μ [M.Papandopoulou, S.Poddar]