CryoCourse 2022

CryoCourse is the European intensive course on advanced Cryophysics and Cryogenics, the science and technology of Low Temperatures. Since 2002, more than 10 events (Courses and Conferences) have been held, gathering about 500 young researchers from the European Union, but also from non-EU countries.

The course is open to PhD students, post-docs, young technicians and engineers from all European laboratories with an interest in cryogenic applications over a wide range of topics (low temperature physics, cryogenic industry, particle detection, large scale facilities, space applications and so forth). This will be an excellent opportunities for young researchers to learn about fundamental and industrial issues in Cryogenics from experts in the field. There will be ample time for discussion. In the spirit of a "hands-on" approach, several practical works will be undertaken under the supervision of the scientific and technical staff. The Cryoconferences will allow young researchers (PhDs, post-docs) to present and discuss their results in Cryophysics and Cryogenics.

Some impressions of previous CryoCourses can be found through the dedicated EMP website.

CryoCourse 2022 will take place between Friday, Sep 9th and Sep 21st, 2022. About 50 students, mainly PhD and Post-docs from European universities, research centres and industry, will gather in the Heidelberg area in Germany. The course consists of a theoretical part and a hands-on-courses and will cover the main topics of Cryogenics, from the fundamental physics concepts to the industrial applications. Courses are given in English.

The students' application will be available in the near future (May 2022). The participants’ selection procedure will take into account the quality of the candidate’s application and his/her need for a specific training in Cryogenics, as well as more general criteria as gender, age and nationality balance. CryoCourse 2022 is funded by the European Commission (Horizon2020) and organized by the European Microkelvin Platform (homepage). The funding includes free accomodation and travel expenses. We will also provide meals and beverages for most of the time.

Prof. Dr. Christian Enss
Dr. Andreas Reifenberger
The European Microkelvin Platform and its CryoCourses are funded through the Horizon2020 programme of the European Commission.