Hengstberger Symposium Extra Dimensions and Mini Black Holes
  24-25 July 2009 Internationales Wissenschaftsforum Heidelberg  

Third Bulletin

Dear Colleagues,

This is the 3rd bulletin issued for the invited speakers of the Hengstberger Symposium "Extra Dimensions and Mini Black Holes". The agenda of the Symposium is (hopefully) finalised, see
http://indico.cern.ch/conferenceTimeTable.py?confId=46117 .
Every speaker should be able to upload the slides using her/his CERN Indico account. Please, upload the slides no later than Wednesday, 22.07.2009.

We booked hotel rooms for you according to your requirements. The booking list is available at
http://www.kip.uni-heidelberg.de/extradim/practical/Hotels.pdf .

Please, check it and inform us immediately in case of an error or inconsistency. If you are accomodated at the IWH and plan to come lately, please inform us about the approximate time of your arrival, as after 5 pm, there is no regular service in the building, and one of the organisers will be waiting for you. If you are accomodated in the IWH Haus Buhl, Hauptstrasse 232, please come first to the main IWH site, Hauptstrasse 242, to obtain the room keys. If you are accomodated in the Hotel "Vier Jahreszeiten", look at the map
showing the way from the hotel to IWH.

If you come by airplane and you informed us timely about the details of your flights, then we have already booked a shuttle transfer for you from/to Frankfurt airport, and you should have received a confirmation from the TLS company. The list submitted to TLS (in german) is available at
Please, check carefully that the information about your flights on this sheet is correct. If you'd like us to book the shuttle for you and didn't send us your travel information yet, please do it within the next few days.

To meet TLS shuttle staff upon arrival, go to the meeting point of the Frankfurt airport terminal you arrived at (indicated in the list mentioned above). The way to these points can be found at
http://www.tls-heidelberg.de/content/e2857/e2858/index_eng.html .

Please, don't forget to bring a printed and filled reimbursement form:
to the registration desk of the Symposium, together with the bill for your ticket or with a photocopy of the ticket. This will allow a smooth processing of the reimbursement of your travel costs.

See you soon in Heidelberg!

Stefan and Victor