Practical Course F65

Is it possible to stop the effect that a medium has on a propagating beam of electromagnetic radiation? Electromagnetically induced transparency (EIT) is a technique that makes this possible for certain optical frequencies and leads to a finite window of transparency in the transmission signal. Thus, with EIT you can make a medium transparent using quantum interference and this is what we are going to observe in this practical course.


Room 02.207, Kirchhoff-Institut (INF 227)

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FRONTIER grant of the DFG Excellence Initiative: Simulating high-energy physics in small atomic systems
DFG: Systematische Verbesserung von Atom Trap Trace Anlaysis für 39Ar und deren Anwendung zur Erstellung einer tausendjährigen Paläotemperaturzeitreihe aus Grundwasser
DFG: ArTTA-10mL: Ein Instrument für die 39Ar-Datierung von kleinen Eis- und Wasserproben
ERC Advanced Grant-Horizon 2020: EntangleGen- Entanglement Generation in Universal Quantum Dynamics