WS 07/08 - Seminar für mittlere Semester: Aktuelle Themen der Atom- und Molekülphysik

Termin: Freitag 15:00 - 17:00, wöchentlich
Ort: Philosphenweg 12 nHS


Termin Titel Student Betreuer
19.10. Vorbesprechung - Vortragsvergabe    
26.10. Introduction: Production and storage of highly charged ions in the lab
(with examples such as tumor therapy with highly charged ions)
Rene Steinbrügge
Jan Buchholz
Jose Crespo
Thomas Stöhlker
02.11. Introduction: Storage rings for charged particles
(also electrostatic)
Frederik Grüll Carsten Welsch
09.11. Cooling of fast ions
(Laser- versus electroncooling of fast ions)
Jens Weismüller Andreas Wolf
16.11. Detectors for x-rays and their applications Daniel Hoch
Gabriel Anders
Thomas Stöhlker
23.11. X-ray spectroscopy of hydrogen and helium-like ions Patrick Eckert Jose Crespo
30.11. Spectroscopy in the visible of highly charged ions in astrophysical and laboratory plasmas Marc Weber Jose Crespo
07.12. Soft x-ray laser spectroscopy with Fe23+ Alexander Edler Jose Crespo
14.12. Physics with low-energy antiprotons Christian Staudt Carsten Welsch
21.12. Test of the special relativity theory (download) Christian Nordhorn Andreas Wolf
11.01. g-factor of a bound electron (download) Ion Stroescu Thomas Stöhlker
18.01. Ultra-fast laser pulses: from femto- to attoseconds Nathan Hüsker
Alexander Heinlein
Joachim Ullrich
25.01. Many-particle imaging techniques: reaction microscopes (download Part2) Laura Weimann
Johannes Lampel
Joachim Ullrich
01.02. Ultracold quantum gases (download) Nele Müller
Eugenia Rerich
Markus Oberthaler
08.02. Ultracold molecules Marco Meißner Markus Oberthaler

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