SS 2008 - Preseminar Extreme Matter Institute EMMI Workshop on Quark-Gluon-Plasma and Cold Atomic Physics

Time: Monday, 16:15 - 17:45 Uhr, weekly
Place: Philosphenweg 12 kl.HS
Contact: Johanna Stachel, Markus Oberthaler, Thomas Gasenzer, Jan Pawlowski

This Seminar explores the synergies and communalities between the physics of the coldest and the hottest systems we can study experimentally in the laboratory: cold quantum gases and the quark-gluon plasma. It brings together interested students and researchers and experts working in one or both of these areas. This seminar is in preparation of a workshop planned within the new Helmholtz Alliance EMMI for the Fall of 2008.


  • Bag models (from "The Structure of the Nucleon" by Anthony W. Thomas, Wolfram Weise; Wiley-VCH)
  • Introduction to QGP
  • Michael Buballa (general introduction)
  • Color Screening; M. Döring, K. Hübner, O. Kaczmarek and F. Karsch, "Color screening and quark-quark interactions in finite temperature CD," Phys. Rev.D 75 (2007) 054504 (arXiv:hep-lat/0702009)
  • L.D. Landau, F.M. Lifschitz
  • E.V. Shuryak "The QCD Vacuum, Hadrons and Superdense Matter" (World Scientific Lecture Notes in Physics)

List of Talks

Date Title Advisor(s) Speaker(s)
04/07 Assignment of topics and Thermodynamics of Bose and Fermi Gases Oberthaler, Gasenzer Thomas Gasenzer
04/14 Thermodynamics of relativistic gases and the QGP Stachel, Pawlowksi Florian Beutler
04/21 Fermion-Fermion and Boson-Boson interaction at very low temperatures Oberthaler, Gasenzer Fabienne Haupert
04/28 Experimental production of BEC's Oberthaler Jens Appmeier
05/05 Ultra-relativistic nuclear collisions, Print version Stachel Korinna Zapp
05/19 Production of Hot Fireballs at SPS/RHIC Stachel Selim Jochim, Markus Oberthaler
05/26 The Gross-Pitaevski equation and Hydrodynamic expansion of BEC's Oberthaler, Gasenzer Stefan Kessler
06/02 Lattice QCD and QGP Stachel Rachik Soualah, Dirk Krumbhorn
06/09 Relativistic hydrodynamics and the Bjorken model Stachel Stefan Zimmer
06/16 Experimental investigations of relativistic hydrodynamics and the ideal fluid scenario at RHIC Stachel Yifei Wang
06/23 Ultracold degenerate Fermi gases Oberthaler  
06/30 Molecular BEC's and fermionic condensates of Cooper pairs - from BEC to BCS Oberthaler, Gasenzer, Pawlowski Andre Wenz, Matthias Kronenwett
07/07 Color superconductivity in dense quark matter Stachel, Pawloski Jochen Klein
07/14 3 species Fermionic systems - Cold gases   Richard Schmidt


  • talks should be planned for 45 minutes without questions; in case of 2 speakers 35 minutes each
  • Computer presentation; technical support can be provided
  • in case you need a laptop, please notify us in time