Hauke group - Quantum optics and quantum many-body theory

We have moved . . .

In November, we moved to University of Trento, Italy. A new webpage is to come some time soon. In the meantime, here are a few useful links


Q@TN - Quantum Science and Technology in Trento

Physics department Trento

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to our group homepage. Here you can find some information about our research interests, teaching activities, topics for potential Bachelor, Master, and PhD theses, and more.

Our main aim is to achieve a deeper understanding and precise control of synthetic quantum systems. Our group is embedded into SynQS, a joint effort between theory and experiment that works towards this aim. Moreover, we are part of the Institute for Theoretical Physics of Heidelberg University.

Current Teaching

This summer semester, our experimental colleague Fred Jendrzejewski and I are giving the lecture

Running a quantum computer: Theory and Experiment

In this lecture, we will discuss concepts of quantum-information theory and present experimental Platforms. By implementing and critically evaluating these concepts (directly in cloud quantum computers!) in practical exercises, we will understand functioning, possibilities, and limitations of state-of-the-art quantum computers.

Registration and further information: 


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Postdoc positions available!

In the framework of the ERC Starting Grant StrEnQTh and the SFB ISOQUANT, we have currently two postdoc positions open. The prosprective topics are entanglement in quantum many-body systems as well as quantum simuation of lattice gauge theories.

For more information, see here.

Our group is always looking for motivated PhD, Master and Bachelor students

Open positions can be found here. If you are interested, please contact philipp.hauke@kip.uni-heidelberg.de.

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