I. Introduction (slides)

II. Short (!) review of magnetism in free atoms (slides)

  • Hamiltonian of atoms in an external magnetic field
  • Perturbation theory: how to treat the effects of B-field
  • Larmor diamagnetism
  • Paramagnetism of free atoms, Curie law
  • Van Vleck paramagnetism
  • Spin-orbit coupling
  • Hund's rules
  • Hyperfine interaction

III. Atoms in solid: the effect of the crystalline environment (slides)

IV. Cooperative phenomena: on magnetic order(s)


Magnetism in metals

Micro- and Nanomagnetism


WS 2023/2024

  • Molecular magnetism
  • Metals in external magnetic fields
  • Magnetoresistive effects and spinelectronic devices
  • Electronic correlation, Hubbard model, Mott insulators
  • Exchange Interactions
  • Kondo physics