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open positions*

*Labs AG-Cremer at IPMB Heidelberg/IMB Mainz, see below.




As a starting point for your career, would you like to work in an interdisciplinary research group? Are you interested in the analysis of structures and protein complexes in the nanometer range, or in Laser- and Bio-physics? You want to do research at the limits of physics?
Then you should visit our Group (presently Cooperation Unit Biophysics at the Institute of Pharmacy and Molecular Biotechnology/IPMB at Heidelberg University, and Super-Resolution Microscopy at the Institute of Molecular Biology/IMB at Mainz) and inform yourself about the possibly of a masters or diploma thesis () . Our group consists of physicists, biologists, Computer scientists, and chemists.

We offer Diploma and Master theses in the following fields:

highest resolution light microscopy in the nm range
(extension and optimization of our systems)
(localization micoroscopy of ion channels, membrane proteins, genome nanostructures,...)

information processing 
(simulation and data analysis)
(development of control- and analysis software, e.g. for micro axial tomography)
(modelling of the chromatin structure, microscopical analysis of cell nuclear structures), collaboration with Prof. D. Heermann 
(cell culture, hybridization, FiSH, probe development, microscopy, ..)

For further information contact Dr. Marton Gelleri (m.gelleri(at) or Prof. Christoph Cremer (cremer(at); c.cremer(at)