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 Since 2012, the Super-Resolution microscopy systems of the Cremer-Lab have been transferred to  the Cooperation unit "Biophysics of Genome Structure" at the Institute of Pharmacy and Molecular Biotechnology (IPMB), University Heidelberg; and the Super-Resolution Microscopy Group at the Institute of Molecular Biology (IMB), Mainz. For more details, see

SMI Microscope

The Spatially Modulated Illumination Microscope is a new type of fluorescence microscope allowing outstandingly presice measurements of distances and sizes of submicrometer particles. It uses two counterpropagating laser beams to obtain a distinct illumination pattern. For details see SMI microscopy.




Confocal Microscope

We are presently using a Leica TCS NT - a three channel confocal laser scanning microscope


Microscope with Axial Tomograph