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Veröffentlichungen - C. Cremer*

( letzte Aktualisierung April 2016 )

*The list of publications gives a selection covering the fields of interest in Applied Optics, Digital Image Analysis, Bioinformatics, Biophysics and Biophotonics, Biomolecular Labelling Techniques, and applications in Molecular Cytogenetics and Nuclear Genome Structure Research.

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JahrSortiericon Authors Titel Place Published .pdf
1974 C. Cremer, C. Zorn, T. Cremer An ultraviolet laser microbeam for 257 nm

Microsc. Acta 75: 331-337


1976 C. Cremer, T. Cremer, C. Zorn, L. Schoeller Effects of laser-uv-microirradiation (l = 257 nm) on proliferation of Chinese hamster cells

Radiation Res. 66: 106 - 121

1976 T. Cremer, C. Zorn, C. Cremer, J. Zimmer Formation of viable cell fragments by treatment with colchicine

Exp. Cell Res. 100: 345 - 335

1976 C. Zorn, T. Cremer, C. Cremer, J. Zimmer Laser-uv-micro-irradiation of interphase nuclei and posttreatment with caffeine: A new approach to establish the arrangement of interphase chromosomes

Hum. Genet. 35: 83 - 89


1978 C. Cremer, T. Cremer Considerations on a Laser-Scanning-Microscope with high resolution and depth of field

Microsc. Acta 81: 31 - 44


1979 M. Lohs-Schardin, K. Sander, C. Cremer, T. Cremer, C. Zorn Localized ultraviolet laser microbeam irradiation of early Drosophila embryos: Fate maps based on location and frequency of adult defects. Develop

Biology 68: 533 - 545

1979 M. Lohs-Schardin, C. Cremer, Ch. Nüsslein-Volhard A fate map for the larval epidermis of Drosophila melanogster: Localized cuticle defects following irradiation of the blastoderm with an ultraviolet laser microbeam. Develop

Biology 73: 239 - 255

1979 C. Zorn, C. Cremer, T. Cremer, J. Zimmer Unscheduled DNA synthesis after partial uv irradiation of the cell nucleus. Distribution in interphase and metaphase

 Exp. Cell Res. 124: 111 - 119


1980 C. Cremer, T. Cremer, M. Simickova Induction of chromosome shattering and micronuclei by ultraviolet light and caffeine 1. Temporal relationship and antagonistic effects of the four deoxyribonucleosides

Envir. Mutag. 2: 339 - 351

1980 Ch. Nüsslein-Volhard, M. Lohs-Schardin, K. Sander, C. Cremer A dorso-ventral shift of embryonic primordia in a new maternal-effect mutant of Drosophila

Nature 283: 474 - 476

1980 C. Cremer, T. Cremer, M. Fukuda, K. Nakanishi Detection of Laser-uv-microirradia\-tion induced DNA photolesions by immunofluorescent staining

Hum. Genet. 54: 107 - 110

1981 T. Cremer, S.P. Peterson, C. Cremer, M.W. Berns Microirradiation of Chinese hamster cells at wavelength 365 nm: Effects of psoralen and caffeine

Radiation Res. 85: 529 - 543

1981 C. Cremer, T. Cremer, G. Jabbur Laser-uv-microirradiation of Chinese hamster cells: The influence of the distribution of photolesions on unscheduled DNA synthesis

Photochem. Photobiol. 33: 925 - 928

1981 C. Cremer, T. Cremer, C. Zorn, J. Zimmer Induction of chromosome shattering by ultraviolet light and caffeine: Comparison of whole cell and partial cell irradiation

Mutat. Res. 84: 331 - 34

1982 T. Cremer, C. Cremer, H. Baumann, E.-K. Luedtke, K. Sperling, V. Teuber, C. Zorn Rabl's model of the interphase chromosome arrangement tested in Chinese hamster cells by premature chromosome condensation and laser-uv-microbeam experiments

 Hum. Genet. 60: 46 - 56.


1982 T. Cremer, C. Cremer, T. Schneider, H. Baumann, L. Hens, M. Kirsch-Volders Analysis of Chromosome Positions in the Interphase Nucleus of Chinese Hamster Cells by Laser-UV-Microirradiation Experiments

Hum. Genet. 62: 201 - 209


1982 C. Cremer, J.W. Gray Application of the BrdU/thymidine method to flow cytogenetics: Differential quenching/enhancement of the Hoechst 33258 fluorescence of late replicating chromosomes

Somat. Cell Genet. 8: 319 - 327

1982 C. Cremer, T. Cremer, J.W. Gray Induction of chromosome damage by ultraviolet light and caffeine: Correlation of cytogenetic evaluation and flow karyotype

Cytometry 2: 287 - 290

1982 C. Cremer, J.W. Gray DNA content of cells with generalized chromosome shattering induced by ultraviolet light plus caffeine

Mutat. Res. 94: 133 - 142

1982 C. Cremer, J.W. Gray, H.-H. Ropers Flow cytometric characterization of a Chinese hamster x man hybrid cell line retaining the human Y chromosome

Hum. Genet. 60: 262 - 266

1983 C. Cremer, T. Cremer, L. Hens, H. Baumann, J.J. Cornelis, K. Nakanishi UV-microirradiation of the Chinese hamster cell nucleus and caffeine posttreatment: immunochemical localization of DNA photolesions in cells with partial and generalized chromosome shattering

Mutat. Res. 107: 465 - 475

1983 L. Hens, H. Baumann, T. Cremer, A. Sutter, J.J. Cornelis, C. Cremer Immunocytochemical localization of chromatin regions uv-microirradiated in S phase or anaphase

Exp. Cell Res. 149: 257 - 269

1983 C. Cremer, J.W. Gray Replication kinetics of Chinese hamster chromosomes as revealed by bivariate flow karyotyping

 Cytometry 3: 282 - 286

1983 C.R. Müller, K.E. Davies, C. Cremer, G. Rappold, J.W. Gray, H.H. Ropers Cloning of genomic sequences from the human Y chromosome after purification by dual beam flow sorting

Hum. Genet. 64: 110 - 115.

1984 G. A. Rappold, T. Cremer, C. Cremer, W. Back, J. Bogenberger, H.J. Cooke Chromosome assignment of two cloned DNA probes hybridizing predominantly to human sex chromosomes

Hum. Genet. 65: 257 - 261

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