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Veröffentlichungen - C. Cremer*

( letzte Aktualisierung April 2016 )

*The list of publications gives a selection covering the fields of interest in Applied Optics, Digital Image Analysis, Bioinformatics, Biophysics and Biophotonics, Biomolecular Labelling Techniques, and applications in Molecular Cytogenetics and Nuclear Genome Structure Research.

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JahrSortiericon Authors Titel Place Published .pdf
2005 Georg Hildenbrand, Alexander Rapp, Udo Spoeri, Christian Wagner, Christoph Cremer, and Michael Hausmann Nano-sizing of specific gene domains in intact human cell nuclei by Spatially Modulated Illumination (SMI) light microscopy

Biophys. J. 88:4312–4318

2005 Christian Wagner, Udo Spöri, Christoph Cremer High-precision SMI microscopy size measurements by simultaneous frequency domain reconstruction of the axial point spread function

Optik 116(1):15–21

2005 Andreas Bolzer, Gregor Kreth, Irina Solovei, Daniela Koehler, Kaan Saracoglu, Christine Fauth, Stefan Müller, Roland Eils, Christoph Cremer, Michael R. Speicher, and Thomas Cremer Three-Dimensional Maps of All Chromosomes in Human Male Fibroblast Nuclei and Prometaphase Rosettes

Public Library of Science 3:826-842 (e157)

2005 Christoph Cremer and Thomas Holstein In die Nanowelt der Zellen

G.I.T. Labor-Fachzeitschrift 6/2005: 512–513

2005 G. Kreth, C. Cremer "Biocomputing": strahlenbiologische Risikovorhersage

Ruperto Carola, Forschungsmagazin der Universität Heidelberg, 2/2005

2005 Jutta Schwarz-Finsterle, Stefan Stein, Constance Großmann, Eberhard Schmitt, Helmut Schneider, Luba Trakhtenbrot, Gideon Rechavi, Ninette Amariglio, Christoph Cremer, Michael Hausmann COMBO-FISH for focussed fluorescence labelling of gene domains: 3D-analysis of the genome architecture of abl and bcr in human blood cells

Cell Biology International 29:1038–1046

2005 Michael Hausmann, Georg Hildenbrand, Jutta Schwarz-Finsterle, Udo Birk, Helmut Schneider, Christoph Cremer and Eberhard Schmitt New Technologies Measure Genome Domains

Biophotonics Int, 34, Oct. 2005

2005 C. Cremer Letter to the Editor, DNA ploidy and chromosome (FISH) pattern analysis of peripheral nerve sheath tumors

Cellular Oncology 27:359

2005 Shamci Monajembashi, Alexander Rapp, Eberhard Schmitt, Heike Dittmar, Karl-Otto Greulich and Michael Hausmann Spatial Association of Homologous Pericentric Regions in Human Lymphocyte Nuclei during Repair

Biophys. J. 88:2309–2322

2006 H. Mathée, D. Baddeley, C. Wotzlaw, J. Fandrey, C. Cremer, U. Birk Nanostructure of specific chromatin regions and nuclear complexes,

Histochem Cell Biol125: 75-82


2006 T. Cremer, C. Cremer Rise, fall and resurrection of chromosome territories: a historical perspective. Part I. The rise of chromosome territories,

European Journal of Histochemistry 


2006 Ch.Wagner, G. Hildenbrand, U. Spöri, C. Cremer Beyond nanosizing: an approach to shape analysis of fluorescent nanostructures by SMI-microscopy 

Optik 117, 26–32

2006 L. S. Shopland, C. R. Lynch, K. A. Peterson, K. Thornton, N. Kepper, J. v. Hase, S. Stein, S. Vincent, K. R. Molloy, G. Kreth, C. Cremer, C. J. Bult, T. P. O'Brien Folding and organization of a contiguous chromosome region according to the gene distribution pattern in primary genomic sequence

The Journal of Cell Biology, Vol. 174, No. 1, July 3, 2006 27-38 

2006 C. Cremer and C. Cardoso Towards Cellular Imaging at Nanoscale 

Imaging & Microscopy, Volume 8, 3, 20–21 

2006 U. Birk, D. Baddeley, C. Cremer Local Protein/Gene Density Measurements Using SMI Microscopy 

Proc.SPIE Vol. 6188:212-216 

2006 D. Baddeley, C. Carl, and C. Cremer 4Pi microscopy deconvolution with a variable point-spread function 

Appl. Opt. 45, 7056-7064 

2006 H. Albiez, M. Cremer, C. Tiberi, L. Vecchio, L. Schermelleh, S. Dittrich, K. Küpper, B. Joffe, T. Thormeyer, J. v. Hase, S. Yang, K. Rohr, H. Leonhardt, I. Solovei, C. Cremer, S. Fakan, T. Cremer Chromatin domains and the interchromatin compartment form structurally defined and functionally interacting nuclear networks

Chromosome Research 14:707-733

2006 T. Cremer, C. Cremer Rise, fall and resurrection of chromosome territories: a historical perspective Part II. Fall and resurrection of CTs during the 1950th to 1980th. Part III. Chromosome territories and the functional nuclear architecture: experiments and models from the 1990th to the present

 European Journal of Histochemistry; Vol. 50 issue 4 (October-December):223-272


2006 A. Berr, A. Pecinka, A. Meister, G. Kreth, J. Fuchs, F. R. Blattner, M. A. Lysak, I. Schubert Chromosome arrangement and nuclear architecture but not centromeric sequences are conserved between Arabidopsis thaliana and Arabidopsis lyrata

The Plant Journal 48, 771-783

2006 C. Hepperger, S. Otten, J. v. Hase, S. Dietzel Preservation of large-scale chromatin structure in FISH experiments

Chromosoma, DOI 10.1007/s00412-006-0084-2

2007 K. Küpper, A. Kölbl, D. Biener, S. Dittrich, J. v. Hase, T. Thormeyer, H. Fiegler, N. P. Carter, M. R. Speicher, T. Cremer, M. Cremer Radial Chromatin positioning is shaped by local gene density, not by gene expression,

Chromosoma 116:285-306

2007 G. Kreth, C. Cremer Chromatin Structure and the Formation of Chromosomal Alterations 

in Chromosomal Alterations: Methods, Results and Importance in Human Health, Eds. Günter Obe abd Vijayalaxmi, Springer Verlag Heidelberg

2007 G. Kreth, S.K. Pazhanisamy, M. Hausmann, C. Cremer Cell type-specific quantitative predictions of radiation-induced chromosome aberrations: A computer model approach.

Radiat. Res. 167: 515–525

2007 J. Schwarz-Finsterle, S. Stein, C. Großmann, E. Schmitt, L. Trakhtenbrot, G. Rechavi, N. Amariglio, C. Cremer, M. Hausmann Comparison of triple helical COMBO-FISH and standard FISH by means of quantitative microscopic image analysis of abl/bcr positions in cell nuclei

 J. Biochem. Biophys. Methods 70:397–406

2007 S. Fenz, H. Mathee, G. Kreth, D. Baddeley, Y. Weiland, J. Schwarz-Finsterle, C.G. Cremer, U.J. Birk Two-color intranuclear distance measurements of gene regions in human lymphocytes

Proc. SPIE 6630: 663002–1 – 663002–10.

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