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Veröffentlichungen - C. Cremer*

( letzte Aktualisierung April 2016 )

*The list of publications gives a selection covering the fields of interest in Applied Optics, Digital Image Analysis, Bioinformatics, Biophysics and Biophotonics, Biomolecular Labelling Techniques, and applications in Molecular Cytogenetics and Nuclear Genome Structure Research.

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JahrSortiericon Authors Titel Place Published .pdf
1996 S. Lindek, C. Cremer, E. H. K. Stelzer Confocal theta fluorescence microscopy using two-photon absorption and annular apertures

Optik 102: 131-134

1996 R. Eils, S. Dietzel, E. Bertin, M. Granzow, E. Schröck, M. R. Speicher, T. Ried, M. Robert-Nicoud, C. Cremer, T. Cremer Three-dimensional reconstruction of Painted human interphase chromosomes: Active and inactive X chromosome territories have similar volumes but differ in shape and surface structure

J. Cell Biol. 135: 1427-1440

1996 H. Bornfleth, K. Aldinger, M. Hausmann, A. Jauch, C. Cremer CGH imaging by the one chip true color CCD camera Kappa CF 15 MC

Cytometry 24: 1-13

1996 C. Cremer, Ch. Münkel, M. Granzow, A. Jauch, S. Dietzel, R. Eils, L. Y. Guan, P. S. Meltzer, J. M. Trent, J. Langowski, T. Cremer Nuclear architecture and the induction of chromosomal aberrations

Mutat. Res. 366: 97-116

1996 G. Papastavrou, B. Rinke, M. Hausmann, C. Cremer Scanning force microscopical examination of metaphase chromosomes after in situ hybridization

SPIE, Vol. 2926: 308-315

1996 M. Hausmann, M. Crone, C. Cremer Depth of field and improved resolution of slit-scan flow systems

SPIE, Vol. 2926: 297-30

1996 J. Bradl, B. Rinke, B. Schneider, M. Hausmann, C. Cremer Improved resolution in "practical" light microscopy by means of a glass fibre 2pi-tilting device

SPIE, Vol. 2628: 140-146

1996 B. Rinke, J. Bradl, P. Edelmann, B. Schneider, M. Hausmann, C. Cremer Image acquisition and calibration methods in quantitative confocal laser scanning microscopy

SPIE, Vol. 2926: 190-200

1996 J. Bradl, B. Rinke, A. Esa, P. Edelmann, H. Krieger, B. Schneider, M. Hausmann, C. Cremer Comparative study of three-dimensional localization accuracy in conventional, confocal laser scanning and axial tomographic fluorescence light microscopy

SPIE, Vol 2926: 201-206

1996 J. Bradl, B. Rinke, B. Schneider, P. Edelmann, H. Krieger, M. Hausmann, C. Cremer Resolution improvement in 3D fluorescence microscopy by object tilting

Microsc. Anal. 11/96: 9-11

1996 M. Durm, F.-M. Haar, M. Hausmann, H. Ludwig, C. Cremer Optimization of fast-fluorescence in situ hybridization with repetitive a-satellite probes

Z. Naturforsch.(J. Biosciences) 51c: 253-261

1996 M. Durm, M. Hausmann, K. Aldinger, H. Ludwig, C. Cremer Painting of human chromosome 8 in fifteen minutes

Z. Naturforsch. (J. Biosciences) 51c: 435-439

1996 F.-M. Haar, M. Durm, M. Hausmann, H. Ludwig, C. Cremer Optimization of Fast-FISH for a-satellite DNA probes

J. Biochem. Biophys. Methods 33: 43-54

1996 K. Tanaka, S. Popp, C. Fischer, G. van Kaick, N. Kamada, T. Cremer, C. Cremer Chromosome aberration analysis in atomic bomb survivors and Thorotrast patients using two- and three-color chromosome painting of chromosomal subsets

Int. J. Radiat. Biol. Vol. 70: 95-108

1995 M. Schrader, F. Meinecke, K. Bahlmann, M. Kroug, C. Cremer, E. Soini, S.W. Hell Monitoring the excited state of a dye in a microscope by stimulated emission

Bioimaging 3: 147 - 153

1995 P. E. Hänninen, S. W. Hell, J. Salo, E. Soini, C. Cremer Two-photon excitation 4Pi confocal microscope: Enhanced axial resolution microscope for biological research

Appl. Phys. Lett 66: 1698-1700

1995 Fischer, C. Cremer, E. H. K. Stelzer Fluorescence of coumarines and xanthenes after two-photon absorption using a titanium-sapphire laser

Appl. Optics 345: 1989-2003

1995 T. Cremer, S. Dietzel, R. Eils, P. Lichter, C. Cremer Chromosome territories, nuclear matrix filaments and interchromatin channels: a topological view on nuclear architecture and function

Kew Chromosome Conference IV (P.E. Brandham, and M.D. Benett, eds. Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew.: 63-81.

1995 R. Eils, E. Bertin, K. Saracoglu, B. Rinke, E. Schroeck, F. Parazza, Y. Usson, M. Robert-Nicoud, E. H. K. Stelzer, J.-M. Chassery, T. Cremer, C. Cremer Application of confocal laser microscopy and three-dimensional Voronoi diagrams for volume and surface estimates of interphase chromosomes

 J. Microscopy 177: 150-161.

1995 C. Cremer, K. Aldinger, S. Popp, M. Hausmann Erkennung strahleninduzierter Chromosomenaberrationen mittels Fluoreszenz-Hybridisierung und Bildanalyse

Medizinische Physik 5: 9-18

1995 Münkel, R. Eils, J. Imhoff, S. Dietzel, C. Cremer, T. Cremer Simulation of the distribution of chromosome territories in interphase under geometrical contraints

Bioimaging 3: 108-120

1995 S. Dietzel, E. Weilandt, R. Eils, C. Münkel, C. Cremer, T. Cremer Three-dimensional distribution of centromeric or paracentromeric heterochromatin of chromosomes 1, 7, 15, and 17 in human lymphocyte nuclei studied with light microscopic axial tomography

Bioimaging 3: 121-133

1995 Rinke, A. Bischoff, M.-C. Meffert, R. Scharschmidt, M. Hausmann, E. H. K. Stelzer, T. Cremer, C. Cremer Volume ratios of painted chromosome territories 5, 7 and X in female human cell nuclei studied with laser confocal microscopy and the Cavalieri estimator

Bioimaging 3: 1-11.

1995 R. Hartig, M. Hausmann, G. Luers, M. Kraus, G. Weber, C. Cremer Continuous sorting of magnitizable particles by means of specific deviation

Rev. Sci. Instrum. 66: 3289-3295

1995 M. Hausmann, M. Durm, F.-M. Haar, I. Sorokine-Durm, J. Dölle, S. Popp, P. Voisin, T. Cremer, C. Cremer New approaches for radiation induced chromosome aberration detection: chromosome painting, fast FISH, image microscopy, and slit scan flow fluorometry.

In: Proceedings of the 2nd symposium on "Radiation Biology and its Application in Space Research", (Eds. S. Kozubek, G. Horneck), Kiramo 1995: 231-240

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