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Veröffentlichungen - C. Cremer*

( letzte Aktualisierung April 2016 )

*The list of publications gives a selection covering the fields of interest in Applied Optics, Digital Image Analysis, Bioinformatics, Biophysics and Biophotonics, Biomolecular Labelling Techniques, and applications in Molecular Cytogenetics and Nuclear Genome Structure Research.

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JahrSortiericon Authors Titel Place Published .pdf
1986 S. Monajembashi, C. Cremer, T. Cremer, J. Wolfrum, K.O. Greulich Microdissection of human chromosomes by a laser microbeam

Exp. Cell Res. 167: 262 - 265

1986 C. Cremer, T. Cremer Induction of chromosome shattering by ultraviolet light and caffeine: The influence of different distributions of photolesions

Mutat. Res. 163: 33 - 40

1987 G. Dudin, T. Cremer, M. Schardin, M. Hausmann, F. Bier, C. Cremer A method for nucleic acid hybridization to isolated chromosomes in suspension

Hum. Genet. 76: 290 - 292

1989 Cremer, M. Hausmann, P. Zuse, J.A. Aten, J. Barths, H.J. Bühring Flow cytometry of chromosomes: principles and applications in medicine and molecular biology

Optik 82: 9-18

1989 Cremer, J. Dölle, M. Hausmann, F.F. Bier, P. Rohwer Laser in cytometry: Applications in flow cytogenetics. Ber. Bunsenges

Phys. Chem. 93: 327 - 335

1989 F. Bier, U. Bettag, T. Rheingans, H. Adrian, J. Barths, M. Hausmann, G. Dudin, H.-J. Bühring, P. Rohwer, J. Dölle, C. Cremer Determination of the electrophoretic mobility of chromosomes by free flow electrophoresis. I. Morphology and stability

Electrophoresis 10: 690 - 697

1990 T. Cremer, S. Popp, P. Emmerich, P. Lichter, C. Cremer Rapid metaphase and interphase detection of radiation-induced chromosome aberrations in human lymphocytes by chromosomal suppression in situ hybridization

Cytometry 11: 110-118

1990 S. Popp, B. Remm, M. Hausmann, H. Lührs, G. Van Kaick, T. Cremer, C. Cremer Towards a cumulative biological dosimeter based on chromosome painting and digital image analysis

Kerntechnik 55: 204-210

1990 R.K.A. Schaller, R.B. Spieß, F.F. Bier, U. Bettag, C. Cremer Kinetics of thermal denaturation of DNA detected in situ in metaphase chromosomes in suspension by Hoechst 33258 fluorescence

Biophysical Chemistry 38: 59 - 65

1990 J. Dölle, M. Hausmann, C. Cremer Background and peak evaluation of one parameter flow karyotypes on a PC/AT Computer

Analytical Cell. Path. 3: 119 - 132

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