Advanced Topics in Particle Physics

Probing the High Energy Frontier at the LHC

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# Date Topic Lecturer
1 10/12/09 Introduction [Slides] All
2 10/19/09 LHC Experiments [Slides] U. Husemann
3 10/26/09 QCD Basics, Factorization [Slides] U. Husemann
4 11/02/09 Hadronization, MC Generators, Jets [Slides] U. Husemann
5 11/09/09 Minimum Bias Physics, W and Z Boson Production [Slides] U. Husemann
6 11/16/09 Top Quark Physics [Slides] U. Husemann
7 11/23/09 Higgs Physics [Slides] U. Husemann
8 11/30/09 Physic beyond the SM I: Supersymmetry [Slides] U. Husemann
9 12/07/09 Physic beyond the SM II: Extra Dimensions etc. [Slides] U. Husemann
10 12/14/09 Probing New Physics with B Meson Decays [Slides] U. Uwer
11 12/21/09 Flavor Physics beyond the SM [Slides] U. Uwer
12 01/11/10 B Meson Key Measurements at the LHC [Slides] U. Uwer
13 01/18/10Heavy Ion Physics with ALICE I [Slides] K. Reygers
14 01/25/10Heavy Ion Physics with ALICE II [Slides] K. Reygers
15 02/01/10Heavy Ion Physics with ALICE III [Slides] K. Schweda