I am currently a Postdocotral reasearcher in the Electronis Visions group of Karlheinz Meier at the Kirchhoff-Institut for Physics in Heidelberg.

Current Research

One of the essential properties of neurons and synapses is that they can change over time, in particular as a result of learning. In the newly developed HICANN-DLS chip, we use an on-chip plasticity processing unit (NUX) to control that change. The prototype chip features an array of 32 x 32 synapses, each of which stores a 6 Bit weight and analog correlation traces that relate pre- and postsynaptic events. The plasticity processor can use that information to implement various plasticity rules, with STDP being just one example. For this purpose, it has a vector unit with direct access to the analog and digital state of all synapses. The analog parameter storage used to configure and calibrate the neurons can also be controlled by the plasticity processor.



Co-Supervised Theses