Quantum sensors - Research Topics

  Optimized SQUID design
SQUIDs suited for magnetic calorimeters are developed in collaboration with IPHT (Jena).
  X-ray camera
Development of sensor arrays,which can be used as x-ray imaging device in satellite missions.
The goal of this project is the realization of a nano-analysis system based on magnetic calorimeters, which measures the x-fluorescence of surfaces. We collaborate on this with Vericold Technologies (Ismaning) and IPHT (JENA).
  Calorimters for HERON
Wafer calorimeters with magnetic sensors are being developed in collaboration with the group of G. Seidel at Brown University (Providence, USA) for a new type of neutrino detector (HERON).
  Gamma detector
Gamma detectors base on magnetic calorimetry are being developed for energies up to 200 keV. Such devices are needed for example for Lamb shift experiments on U91+ .
  Basic research
Dilute magnetic alloys are produced in searching for an optimal sensor material. The properties of such metallic paramagnets close to the spin glass state is investigated experimentally and with computer simulations .