Heidelberg Student Days 2015, April 7th - 10th


The Student Days are organised by the Department of Physics and Astronomy to inform students about the research topics covered by the different institutes in Heidelberg. All students of the faculty are invited to participate. The programme extends over four days and consists of two parts, overview lectures and courses:

  • Between 12  and 1 pm faculty members present the different disciplines of the faculty. You will get an overview of the large variety of research topics in Heidelberg.
  • In the morning and afternoon courses take place which should be interesting for all physics students which are however not part of the standard curriculum. On Friday afternoon lab tours will be offered, instead of the courses.

For participation in the Student Days (attend all lectures and one course) you can earn 1 ECTS point.




Loaction: Großer Hörsaal, Philosophenweg 12

Tuesday, 7th 12:00-12:30 Particle Physics Prof. Dr. S. Hansmann-Menzemer
Tuesday, 7th 12:30-13:00 Quantum Physics Dr. Eva Kuhnle
Wednesday, 8th 12:00-12:30 Astronomy Prof. Dr. E. Grebel
Wednesday, 8th 12:30-13:00 Heavy Ion Physics Prof. Dr. N. Herrmann
Thursday, 9th 12:00-12:30 Condensed Matter Physics Prof. Dr. C. Enss
Thursday, 9th 12:30-13:00 Environmental Physics Prof. Dr. N. Frank
Friday, 10th 12:00-12:30 Theoretical Physics Prof. Dr. T. Weigand
Friday, 10th 12:30-13:00 Theoretical Astrophysics Prof. Dr. M. Bartelmann



Course 1 Astronomy

Tue-Fri, 9:00-11:45,

PhilWeg 12,  R 105

Dr. Carolin Liefke
Course 2 C++ Programming

Tue-Fri, 9:00-11:45,

PhilWeg 12, CIP-Pool

Manfred Kirchgessner
Course 3 Image processing

Tue-Fri, 9:00-11:45

PhilWeg 12, R 106

PD Dr. Christoph Garbe
Course 4 Environmental Physics

Tue-Thu, 14:00-17:00,

INF 229 IUP, SR 108/110

Dr. U. Friess

J. Kunz, M. Bopp

Dr. M. Schmidt, T. Kluge

Prof. K. Roth

Course 5 Tutoring

Thursday only, 9:00-11:45, 14:00-17:00

PhilWeg 12, SR

Susanne Kemmer
Course 6 Electronics

Tue-Thu, 14:00-17:00

INF 227, KIP, Hardwarepraktikum

Dr. Jens Wagner
Course 7 LaTeX

Tue-Thu, 14:00-17:00

PhilWeg 12,  R 106

Dr. Robert Weis
Course 8 Mircofabrication

Tue-Thu, 14:00-17:00

Meeting point: INF 227 KIP, SB 1.107 (2 pm, April 7th and 9th), SB 2.107 (2 pm, April 8th)

INF 227. KIP Cleanroom,  00.214

Dr. Sebastian Kempf
Course 9 C++ Einführung und Datenanalyse

Tue-Thu, 14:00-18:00

PhilWeg 12, CIP-Pool

Dr. Jörg Marks


Lab tours

Please sign up for the lab tours in the lists at the entrance of the Großer Hörsaal, Philosophenweg 12, on Tuesday, April 7th

Friday, April 10th, 14:00-17:00

Labtours will be offered in the following institutes:

Physikalisches Institut: Meet at INF226, Nordfoyer, 14:00

Kirchhoff-Institut für Physik: Meet at INF227, In front of HS1, 14:00

Institut für Umweltphysik: Meet at entrance INF 229, 14:00

Landessternwarte: Meet at Gate Landessternwarte, Königstuhl 12, 14:30

MPI für Astronomie: Meet at Gate Landessternwarte, Königstuhl 12, 14:30

MPI  für Kernphysik: Meet at Gate MPI-K Saupfercheckweg 1, 14:15