PhD thesis

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Attention, this offer is no longer valid.
Static and dynamic properties in exchange frustrated magnets with competing ground states

The project aims at unveiling novel ground states and effects in geometrically frustrated materials with competing interactions or degrees of freedomand to establish new model systems. The objective is to achieve a broad understanding of the important physical parameters and to find common features that drive the formation of these states in strongly correlated electron systems. Experimentally, neutron diffraction and inelastic neutron scattering will be applied.

The position is part of the open PhD programme at ILL Grenoble. Experiments will be performed at ILL Grenoble where the student is supposed to work and stay for 3 years. Admission reguirements of the faculty of physics at Heidelberg University must be fullfilled. The successful candidate will receive the doctiral degree by the faculty of physics, Heidelberg University.


At ILL Grenoble: M. Enderle

At KIP, Heidelberg University: R. Klingeler

For further information, please contact R. Klingeler.

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Rüdiger Klingeler