The FACETS Live System

Screenshot of the FACETS Live Desktop

Below you find a download link for a bootable FACETS Live System. It provides a complete Ubuntu Linux environment, including two of the most established simulation packages recently used in computational neuroscience: NEST and NEURON. Both neural network simulation platforms can be interfaced and operated with the same easy to learn script language: PyNN. This backend-independent modeling language is a major achievement of the FACETS research project, providing a unified interface not only to various software simulators, but also to the neuromorphic hardware systems developed in FACETS and BrainScaleS, which can now be used also by non-hardware experts.

The FACETS Live System also includes software packages for the scientific analysis and visualization of generated data. Furthermore, after booting the system, on your Desktop a step-by-step tutorial for the usage of the simulators with PyNN and for the visualization of the data can be found. There are simple example scripts, which are explained and used in the tutorial. In case you are interested in more information about the innovative methods of neural modeling developed by our project, please browse your Live System Desktop, from where you can access e.g. a short movie about the FACETS Demonstrator, internet links, an information flyer and scientific publications.

How To Use the FACETS Live System

The file below is a so-called ISO image, which can be written to a CD with any standard burning software. Please make sure that the CD you create will be bootable. In order to start the Live System from your this CD, you might have to change the settings in your computer BIOS such that your CD drive is the first drive to be checked for a bootable operating system.

In case you prefer a bootable USB stick, you can create one with the same ISO image, e.g. using this software:

A third method is to use virtualization software (e.g. VirtualBox, VMware, ...). Create a new virtual machine, set OS type to Linux 64 bit, allocate at least 512MB RAM for this VM. No harddisks are required, just attach the iso to the virtual CDROM device and start the system.


Parts of the software included in the FACETS Live System ISO are under the NEST Licence, to which you agree by downloading the ISO file below.

CLICK TO DOWNLOAD FILE (691 MB, FET version incl. ESS)

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