Klaus TittelProfessor Emeritus
Alois Putzerapl. Professor (retired)
Pavel WeberATLAS Calorimetry: Trigger, Simulation and Jet Calibration (PhD & Post-Doc)
Frederik RührTeV Jets at ATLAS - A Probe for New Physics (PhD & Post-Doc)
Geertje HeuermannSearches for Microscopic Black Holes at the LHC (Diploma, 2009)
Paul SeidlerStudies on Synchronisation of the ATLAS-Trigger (Diploma, 2009)
Florian FöhlischCalibration of the ATLAS Level-1 Calorimeter Trigger (PhD & Post-Doc)
Jochen DingfelderATLAS Supersymmetry Searches (Young investigator group leader)
Michel JanusPhysics with τ-mesons (PhD)
Christoph AndersPhysics with τ-mesons (PhD)
Bernd AmendAnalysis of monojets in theories with extra dimensions (Diploma, 2008)
Björn GosdzikOffline Comparison of TileCal Signals and Trigger Signals (Diploma, 2007)
Michael KellerLFAN design, several ASIC layouts, ASIC Design (Engineer)
Kambiz MahboubiPPrASIC Deisgn and Simulation, System Tests (PhD & Post-Doc)
Alexander MassPipeLineBus concept, Front-End ASIC, Readout Merger ASIC
Oliver NixSoftware (HDMC/DAQ) (Post-Doc)
Martin WunschASIC Detector Simulations, Physics Studies (Post-Doc)
Werner HindererPre-Processor MCM test/redesign (Diploma, 2002)
Dominique KaiserReadoutMerger FPGA (Diploma, 2002)
Karsten PennoPPrASIC tests (Diploma) 2002
Dan HusmannPPrASIC Digital Filter (Diploma, 2000)
Ullrich Pfeifferopt. Transmission of analog signals, demonstrator MCM, Pre-Processor MCM design (Diploma & PhD & Post-Doc)
Volker SchatzPipeLineBus readout demonstrator, data compression (Diploma, 2000)
Bernd Stelzerprototyping of Pre-Processor Readout Driver (ROD) (Diploma, 2000)
Oliver Chiltonprototyping of Pre-Processor MCM (Diploma, 2000)
Werner HoetzelBunch Crossing Identification on analog signals (Diploma, 1999)
Esmail Bagheri-AslMissing pt-Trigger (Diploma, 1998)
Bernhard NiemannReadout Merger ASIC design, data compression (Diploma, 1998)
Claus Müllerhadronic End-cap Calorimeter tests (Diploma, 1997)
Cornelius SchumacherFront-End demonstrator, HDMC software package, PPrASIC design and simulation (Diploma & Engineer, 1997)
Gregor WagnerASIC Test System (Diploma, 1996)
Dirk ZerwasHECalorimeter, ATLAS Monte-Carlo (Diploma, 1994)