KIP Projects in ATLAS

Data Analysis

What we are working on:


The dream of modern physics - the theory of everything - is not yet realised. Although the modern theory of elementary particles and fields, the Standard Model, describes the results of all particle scattering experiments with high precision, many questions remain open. Continue...

Hardware and Operation

As part of the ATLAS collaboration, the KIP ATLAS group is working on the development of the PreProcessor of the ATLAS Level-1 Calorimeter Trigger. The group continues to support and operate the PPr throughout the LHC runtime. After the successful end of LHC Run-I in early 2013, an upgrade of the PPr is being developed, which will be installed in the service cavern of the ATLAS experiment in 2014. Continue...

Computing Farm

For processing of ATLAS experimental data, a computing farm was built at KIP. Continue...