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Prof. Dr. S. Hunklinger -
Publikationen  1997

  • H. Becker, R. Caspary, C. Toepfer, M. v. Schickfus, S. Hunklinger
    Low-cost Direct Writing Lithography System for the Submicron Range
    J. Mod. Optics 44 (1997) 1715

  • W. Welsch, C. Klein, R.M. Öksüzoglu, M. v. Schickfus, S. Hunklinger
    Immunosensing with Surface Acoustic Wave Sensors
    Sensors & Actuators A 62 (1996) 562

  • S. Hunklinger
    Tunneling States in Amorphous Insulators and Semiconductors, M.F. Thorpe, M.I. Mitkova (eds),
    Kluwer Acad. Publ., Dordrecht (1997) 469

  • J. Classen, M. Hübner, C. Enss, G. Weiss, S. Hunklinger
    Similarities and Differencies Between the Low Temperature Acoustic Properties of Crystalline Materials and Glasses Echoes in Glasses
    Phys. Rev. B 56 (1997) 8012

  • M. Weiß, F. Freudenberg, W. Welsch, M. v. Schickfus, S. Hunklinger
    Operation of Surface Acoustic Wave Biosensors in Aggressive Liquids
    Proc. 11th European Conf. Solid-State Transducers, Eurosensors XI, Warsaw (1997) 1469

  • C. Enss, S. Hunklinger
    Incoherent Tunneling in Glasses at Very Low Temperatures
    Phys. Rev. Lett. 79 (1997) 2831

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