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Publications - C. Cremer

Light Optical Nanoscopy

(last update September 2014)


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2016 Żurek-Biesiada D, Szczurek AT., Prakash K, Best G, Mohana GK., Lee HK, Roignant JY, Dobrucki JW., Cremer C, Birk U. Quantitative super-resolution localization microscopy of DNA in situ using Vybrant® DyeCycle™ Violet fluorescent probe

 Data in Brief, volume 7,


2016 Pierzyńska-Mach A, Szczurek A, Zanacchi FC, Pennacchiettic F, Drukała J, Diaspro A, Cremer C, Darzynkiewicz Z, Dobrucki JW. Subnuclear localization, rates and effectiveness of UVC-induced unscheduled DNA synthesis visualized by fluorescence widefield, confocal and super-resolution

 Cell Cycle (accepted), volume 0,

2015 Kirmes I, Szczurek A, Prakash K, Charapitsa I, Heiser C, Musheev M, Schock F, Fornalczyk K, Ma D, Birk U, Cremer C, Reid G A transient ischemic environment induces reversible compaction of chromatin

Genome Biology, volume 16,


2014 Qiaoyun Wang, Ruediger Dierkes, Rainer Kaufmann, Christoph Cremer Quantitative analysis of individual hepatocyte growth factor receptor clusters in influenza A virus infected human epithelial cells using localization microscopy

Biochimica et Biophysica Acta,


2014 C. Cremer • R. Kaufmann • M. Gunkel • F. Polanski • P. Müller • R. Dierkes • S. Degenhard • C. Wege • M. Hausmann • U. Birk Application perspectives of localization microscopy in virology

Histochem Cell Biol

DOI 10.1007/s00418-014-1203-4


2014 P. Müller • N.  A. Lemmermann • R. Kaufmann • M. Gunkel • D. Paech • G. Hildenbrand • R. Holtappels • C. Cremer • M. Hausmann Spatial distribution and structural arrangement of a murine cytomegalovirus glycoprotein detected by SPDM localization microscopy

Histochem Cell Biol,

DOI 10.1007/s00418-014-1185-2


2014 Aleksander T Szczurek, Kirti Prakash, Hyun-Keun Lee, Dominika J Żurek-Biesiada, Gerrit Best, Martin Hagmann, Jurek W Dobrucki, Christoph Cremer and Udo Birk Single molecule localization microscopy of the distribution of chromatin using Hoechst and DAPI fluorescent probes

Nucleus 5:4, 331–340,

2014 Christoph Cremer Far-field Light Microscopy

eLS subject area: Cell Biology

 in: eLS. John Wiley & Sons, Ltd: Chichester,

DOI: 10.1002/9780470015902.a0005922.pub2,

2014 A.L. Grab, M. Hagmann, R. Dahint, C. Cremer Localization microscopy (SPDM) facilitates high precision control oflithographically produced nanostructures

Micron 68 (2015) 1–7


2013 Christoph Cremer and Barry R. Masters Resolution enhancement techniques in microscopy

The European Physical Journal H

2013 Sabrina Rossberger, Thomas Ach, Gerrit Best, Christoph Cremer, Rainer Heintzmann, Stefan Dithmar High-resolution imaging of autofluorescent particles within drusen using structured illumination microscopy

Br J Opthalmol 2013, 97, 518-523


2013 S. Rossberger, G. Best, D. Baddeley, R. Heintzmann, U. Birk, S. Dithmar, C. Cremer Combination of structured illumination and single molecule localization microscopy in one setup

Journal of Optics 15, 094003, doi: 10.1088/2040-8978/15/9/094003


2012 Thomas Ach, Gerrit Best, Sabrina Rossberger, Rainer Heintzmann, Christoph Cremer, Stefan Dithmar Autofluorescence imaging of human RPE cell granules using structured illumination microscopy

British Journal of Opthalmology, BJO Online First, published on July 3, 2012 as 0.1136/bjophthalmol-2012-301547

2012 C. Cremer Optics far Beyond the Diffraction Limit

in Springer Handbook of Lasers and Optics, Editor Prof. Dr. Frank Träger, ISBN: 978-3-642-19408-5 e-ISBN: 978-3-642-19409-2, DOI 10.1007/978-3-642-19409-2, Springer Dordrecht Heidelberg London New York Library of Congress Control Number: 2012933971, 1359-1397

2012 Rainer Kaufmann, Jörg Piontek, Frederik Grüll, Manfred Kirchgessner, Jan Rossa, Hartwig Wolburg, Ingolf E. Blasig, Christoph Cremer Visualization and Quantitative Analysis of Reconstituted Tight Junctions Using Localization Microscopy

PLoS ONE,, Volume 7, Issue 2, e31128

2012 Olga Huber, Alexander Brunner,Patrick Maier, Rainer Kaufmann, Pierre-Olivier Couraud, Christoph Cremer, Gert Fricker Localization Microscopy (SPDM) Reveals Clustered Formations of P-Glycoprotein in a Human Blood-Brain Barrier Model

PLoS ONE 7(9): e44776. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0044776

Received April 30, 2012; Accepted August 7, 2012; Published September 12, 2012

2012 Rainer Kaufmann, Christoph Cremer, Joseph G. Gall Superresolution imaging of transcription units on newt lampbrushes chromosomes

Chromosome Research 20: 1009-1015, DOI 10.1007/s10577-012-9306-z


2011 A. Brunner, G. Best, R. Amberger, P. Lemmer, T. Ach, S. Dithmar, R. Heintzmann, C. Cremer Fluorescence Microscopy with Structured Excitation Illumination

 in Handbook of Biomedical Optics (D.A Boas, C. Pitris, N. Ramanujam, Edits.), CRC Press, Taylor and Francis, Chapter 26, pp 543 -560

Taylor & Francis, Florida

available on request

2011 Rainer Kaufmann, Patrick Müller, Michael Hausmann, Christoph Cremer Imaging label-free intracellular structures by localisation microscopy

Micron 42 348–352

2011 Gerrit Best, Roman Amberger, David Baddeley, Thomas Ach, Stefan Dithmar, Rainer Heintzmannd, Christoph Cremer Structured illumination microscopy of autofluorescent aggregations in human tissue

Micron 330–335

2011 Yanina Weiland, Paul Lemmer, Christoph Cremer Combining FISH with localisation microscopy: Super-resolution imaging of nuclear genome nanostructures

Chromosome Res 19:5–23

2011 Christoph Cremer Lokalisationsmikroskopie:  Lichtmikroskopie unterhalb des Abbe-Limits

Phys. Unserer Zeit 42, 21

2011 Udo Jochen Birk, Alex Darrell, Nikos Konstantinides, Ana Sarasa-Renedo, and Jorge Ripoll Improved reconstructions and generalized filtered back projection for optical projection tomography

APPLIED OPTICS / Vol. 50, 392

2011 Christoph Cremer Mikroskope und Mikroben.

In: Karlheinz Sonntag (Hg.) „Viren und andere Mikroben: Heil oder Plage? Zum 100. Todestag von Robert Koch“, Universitätsverlag WINTER, Heidelberg. pp. 99 – 135.

2011 C. Cremer, R. Kaufmann, M. Gunkel, S. Pres, Y. Weiland, P- Müller, T. Ruckelshausen, P. Lemmer, F. Geiger, S. Degenhard, C. Wege, N- A. W. Lemmermann, R. Holtappels, H. Strickfaden, M. Hausmann Superresolution imaging of biological nanostructures by spectral precision distance microscopy

Biotechnolgy 6: 1037–1051

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